Haiku envy

If I were a poet, I would’ve written this book on a napkin.

“On softening the edges of the self”. Note the word ‘on’. Despite the abundance of scientific references, the book is not intended as an argument for a particular intellectual position. After all, at least some of the science behind it will eventually change. Rather, it is a collection of musings, loosely arranged as independent threads that eventually interlace and, hopefully, convey a holistic perspective. Having started as a diary of observations and insightful quotes, it evolved into a mesh of dots asking to be connected.

The original style was a stream of consciousness feeding a fluid web of counterintuitive observations and unsettling questions. Its very structure was intended to embody the qualities of not-knowing, openness, and emergence that the narrative was building up to presenting.

In the end, however, the freewheeling contemplation gave way to a somewhat more disciplined and systematic analysis. Nevertheless, all science (and speculation) in the book only serve as scaffolding erected to communicate a particular subjective perspective.

After all, we don’t have to be poets to capture the essence of our living experience in words.

Or do we?

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