Born to be stuck

A multilevel garage next to my office building has a narrow glass panel on one side of the staircase. Once I observed a sparrow that kept hitting the glass as if it was stuck inside the shaft. Flying out in any other direction would have instantly set it free, yet it appeared determined to reach … Read more

An agnostic way

Recently I saw a bumper sticker: “Agnostic: Because I Don’t Know and Neither Do You”. The saying was mildly amusing but also mildly disturbing. It seemed to elicit some of the common agnostic stereotypes – arrogance, combativeness, and nihilism – that tend to obscure its humbling and ultimately optimistic message. While I generally stay away … Read more

An elusive sketch

The book says too much and too little. It touches on many things but fails to expand on them. The style may be well-suited for the attention span of many contemporary readers, but such brevity is clearly inadequate given the daunting complexity of the subject. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. The criticism may … Read more

Haiku envy

If I were a poet, I would’ve written this book on a napkin. “On softening the edges of the self”. Note the word ‘on’. Despite the abundance of scientific references, the book is not intended as an argument for a particular intellectual position. After all, at least some of the science behind it will eventually change. … Read more